Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Lives for the Last Two Months

First off, I promised my little sister that I would add the comments back onto our blog. Your Welcome Keri! This is going to be a random selection of pictures from the last couple of months. I'm trying really hard to stay on top of life but when you're pregnant (yes, it's true!) I can hardly get my children fed most of the time.

We took the kids bowling and I can't even remember when because I think it's been awhile. Anyway, they loved it and yes, Landan was with us but he wouldn't hold still to take a picture of him

Here are some pictures of Kaleb and his flag football team. This was his first year playing and he absolutely loved it. He says it's his favorite sport so far.

This is Carter on his first day of preschool. He started about two weeks after Kaleb so he was very anxious to go. He loves it. His teacher this year is Mrs. Karen and she's wonderful. I guess that's why she has a two year waiting list to get in.

These ones are an entire post in itself so I'll be brief. Carter decided to teach Landan how to ride the garage door (hanging onto the bottom as it moves up). He got to the very top, panicked and let go. Here we are at the doctors to get an x-ray of his leg because he was limping really bad. Luckily, it was just a sprain. I'm truly surprised this child has not broken any bones yet. I guess there's still time for that.

Some random snip-its: We went to St. George over UEA and we took the boys to a fair thing, we also went to Thanksgiving Point with some friends before Halloween and last, we took the boys to Gardiner Village to see the witches (a yearly tradition).

Finally. . . Halloween pictures. All the boys decided to be characters from Star War. Seriously, how cute does Landan look in that Yoda costume. Kaleb was Obi-Wan and Carter was a Clone Trooper. The last picture is Carter with his best friend McKay. At least McKay has his eyes open.



I am Laura said...

Congrats on another baby. I was going to comment on your last post so I am glad you turned the comments on. I really liked your family pictures.

Kristine said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting to add another to your family. Maybe a girl this time? You never know - it could happen!

Sarah Jane said...

Kim, you're pregnant! Yay! When are you due? We're so excited to see you guys next month.

The Watkins said...

Yeah for you Kimmy. I will think pink thoughts for you! But you do make pretty cute boys!

keri and taylor said...

Way to go for adding the comments back on! Btw..I never saw my cute nephews costumes! Ok, Landon looks hilarious and so stinking cute! I hope I'm not too slippery to get invited to his birthday party. Good luck tomorrow! We're praying for you!