Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Fun Family Trip to Florida

We took our family vacation this summer to sunny Orlando, Florida. Despite it being a little warm, we had such a great time. The best part was that Grandma and Grandpa Evans joined us so their were 4 adults and 3 kids. The odds were definitely in our favor. Unfortunately, even with those odds, we still lost Carter at Disney Hollywood Studios. If any of you parents out there have lost a child, you can vouch that it is the most frightening experience anyone can have. Thank you to the employee that took Carter aside to wait for his parents to find him! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Evans for joining us. We are grateful to have such quality and quantity time with you. Here are the highlights from our trip:

Disney Animal Kingdom

The awesome pools and fountains at our hotel

Disney Hollywood Studios- The boys got to meet the Power Rangers, watch a live stunt show, see an Indiana Jones show, train to be young Jedi Masters and then we went on a ride called the tower of terror. Well, Carter was barely big enough to go on this ride and I was getting funny looks taking this little kid on it. He loved it, which is funny because I heard a few older kids crying after they got off of it.

GATORLAND- let me explain. This is a place where you get to look at and touch real live alligators and crocodiles. Grandpa Evans even has a picture of the boys and I sitting on a live alligator. I'll try to post it when he emails me his pictures. All I can say is that for little boys, this place is just as great as Disney World

Disney Magic Kingdom- I'm not going to lie, the best part about this day is that we left little Landan (a.k.a.- Mr. Mischievous and that's putting it nicely) at the hotel with Grandma Evans. We were able to go on every ride we wanted and the other two boys had such a great time.