Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break at Sand Hallow

We went to Sand Hallow in Hurricane, UT (about 10 minutes from St. George) for our spring break. This was the first time taking out the trailer and I would definitely say it was a success. We had a blast! Kaleb got to drive the 4-wheeler by himself (I road with him). Landan would stick on his huge helmet and keep it on forever. It was really cute. Here are our highlights: Eating lots of junk food, playing Uno every night, swimming at the aquatic center, going to a movie and Landan surviving the entire thing, major wind storms that kept us awake at night, 4-wheeling, playing on the beach, making smores and having a great time together!

The boys favorite day by far, was the day at the lake. We drove the 4-wheeler and motorcycle down and then hung out the rest of the day. Kaleb decided that he was going to get as gross and dirty as possible, and I think he did a pretty good job. Carter tried as well and did great for a 4-year-old. Landan was in heaven because he's my child that would sleep outside if I let him. Even in the dead of winter, he wants to be outside. Our only casualty was Landan's burn on his face. Opps!

For some reason, every night at our camp ground it was blowing so hard that we couldn't make a fire. Finally, on the last night, our boys got the camp fire they so badly wanted. They had a great time helping Jake make the fire, especially Landan. I think he carried around a piece of wood all night. Then he decided to give the wood away so he shared some with the people camping next to us and with Kayla (our white lab). Carter doesn't love smores like Kaleb but he had fun making them and then burning them in the fire. I think Kaleb had about 5 or 6 smores. It was the perfect end to a fun camping trip.

Kaleb Getting His Orange Belt

Getting his orange belt was a crowning moment in Kaleb's life. He worked really hard and I've never seen him take to something as much as he has to Karate. Behind him is his sensi, Mani. His goal is to make it all the way to black belt, and he is such a disciplined kid, he just might make it.

The Natural History Museum

Kaleb had another day off of school so we decided to go to the Natural History Museum at the UofU. They found this footprint of a dinosaur and wanted to see how big they were compared to it. Notice the orange belt, Kaleb will only take it off when he has to. He's so proud, and we are of him as well, but I hope the novelty wears off soon. They also found this hut that has a secret passage-way in and out. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time going in and out of it.