Friday, June 13, 2008

Kaleb's "Harry Potter" 7th Birthday Party

Kaleb decided he wanted a "Harry Potter" birthday party this year. I thought it would be fun to hold our own tri-wizard tournament. I split them up in two teams and gave them disposable cameras. For the scavenger hunt, every new clue had a different picture to go along with it. The first picture of Tanner is the only one from that group to even have a person in it. I guess that's what you get when 7 year olds are taking the pictures. I actually took the pictures for the other team, so theirs turned out a little better. They also won the scavenger hunt but the other team ended up winning the overall tournament. They had such a great time. My favorite is the last picture because it has most of the kids in it and Carter is throwing a fit. This he did the entire first half of the party because he couldn't "keep up" with the big kids and it really frustrated him.

After our tri-wizard tournament, we had the kids make their own potions to drink. They mixed different flavors of kool-aid together with names like sleeping potion, and dragons blood and then they added pop rocks to make it fiz and pop. This was a big hit. We sang happy birthday, Kaleb blew out the candles on his cupcakes and they enjoyed the treats. Opening presents was next and last at Kaleb's fun-filled birthday party. Before he could open a present he had to give that person a wish. It was really cute to hear some of the wishes he gave them. My favorite was his wish to Trevor. He said, "I wish we can be best buddies forever." Trevor responded, "We are best buddies and we always will be, so the wish came true." This year he invited Tanner Ritchie, Trevor Bond, Logan Kennard, Evan Hyde, Jake Lively, Caitlin McNaughton and Faith Fitzgerald. He truly has the cutest friends.